LnSaint was founded in 2008 by Bas van Rijnsoever (vocals), Marc Stoffels (guitar, trumpet), Jan Barta (drums) and Niels Kuiters (bass guitar). All four of them graduated from an acting departement of the Amsterdam theatre school (AHK). LnSaint is a part of the young ‘creators’ collective Stichting Nieuwe Helden from Amsterdam. They played in the performance Roll With It, played concerts at festivals like De Parade, Over ‘t IJ, Skena Up, Jonge Harten and toured in 2009 & 2010 through central and Eastern Europe. In July 2010 they released their debut [EP] ‘ARTCORE’.

LnSaint is a performative interpretation of the rock-genre. The band members being actors is not hard to recognize during a concert. The coming on stage is already choreographed, the vj-ing has a strong story to tell with it and the set is tightened up from song to song.Typical for the music are the short statement-like lyrics and an overload of energy. With this energy LnSaint likes to go out on the street, important parts of the tours where played out in the open; on boulevards, squares, garbage containers and crossroads. Inspiration was found in confrontations with cultural differences, 3/4th of the current setlist is written during their travels. These songs are their reaction on the places and people they met.

LnSaint bannerfrom left to right: Marc Stoffels (guitar, trumpet, vocals) Jan Barta (drums) Bas van Rijnsoever (vocals, piano, guitar), Niels Kuiters (bass)

In August/September 2010 we’ll drive back to the Eastern part of Europe for a project we call ARTCORE tour. Starting with a 2 week period in Banska Stiavnica as “artists in residence” to make a show out of our setlist, perform in a local festival and to prepare the second part of the trip. We’ll drive to Pristina (Kosovo), the youngest capitol of Europe, to work together with local band THE FREELANCES. In a search for the equalities and differences between two rock bands from two opposite cities. This tour will again have a strong focus on public space performances, for us the most important way to develop a style of  interaction that is not bound to a well organized gig, neither a spontaneous action but more like a targeted musical impro for screaming out whatever needs to be said… wait for the material to get what that’s supposed to mean please… hope you’ll visit this page again for that! ARTCORE