een soft erotische voorstelling over zo’n beetje alles

posterDEFPARADE 2011. 23-26 Juni Rotterdam, 1-3 Juli Den Haag. 20-26 Juli Utrecht. 5-10 Augustus Amsterdam

Wij brengen deze zomer een ode aan het publiek. Aan u.
Wij geven u humor, sex, destructie, ontroering en een onverwacht moment. Omdat wij denken dat u dat wil zien. In een ultieme poging tot entertainment brengen 5 jonge, zeer fysieke, spelers rauw, muzikaal theater.

MTG BLONT (Bas van Rijnsoever & Floor van Leeuwen) won in 2008 de Parade Parel met ZO komt de naakte waarheid aan haar licht. Over deze voorstelling schreef de pers:

“enerverende Parade-performance vol bizarre stunts, en potentieel pijnlijke scènes (…) Onvoorspelbaar en grillig, zoals maar weinig voorstellingen dat echt kunnen zijn. (De Volkskrant)

“verrast in alle opzichten (…) deze voorstelling is de parel op de Parade en een absolute must see” (

door: MTG BLONT, LnSaint, Jan Barta, Tygo Gernandt, Niels Kuiters, Floor van leeuwen, Bas van Rijnsoever, Marc Stoffels. tekstbijdragen: Ko van den Bosch. techniek: Dave Staring. productie: Fleur Boots. zakelijk leiding: Wouter Goedheer. foto: Joost de Haas



To drive from Serbia to Kosovo with a car full of instruments is tricky business. We experienced that last year: then we found out that we didn’t bring the right documents to import our ‘professional equipment’ outside the EU. So this year we got those papers, called ATA CARNET, and figured we would cross borders without any trouble, expected only warm welcomes towards a group of enthusiastic young musicians (“muziki” was the password last year). But then there’s politics. Serbia still denies Kosovo to be a state and therefore the border is not a border but just a checkpoint. A checkpoint doesn’t own the stamps that we need on our very official import/export documents. After a very unfriendly discussion with the Serbian douane officers the deal was: the musicians may pass but the instruments need to go back into Serbia to take a detour through Macedonia so the export is official and then Macedonian douane officers can decide if you may enter Kosovo through their border. We decided to split up. The musicians indeed drove to Kosovo in a straight, and bumpy, line and Wouter and Dave (aka Cash & Sabine) took the detour of 400km. LnSaints arrival: 1am. Technician&managers arrival: 9:45am.

Dave aka Sabine aka the technician promised to write you about the rest of the trip (I guess something happened during those 9 extra hours… but first he has to get some sleep) so that’s to be posted here soon. But mums; don’t worry we’re all save and in the place we want to be!

Now let us get the actual project started! From tomorrow on we’ll do our street actions, play two gigs this weekend with the Freelancers, prepare the body percussion flashmob of next week and roll towards the final concert in thursday the 9th.

Let’s stick to ARTCORE right?

Arrival in Banska Stiavnica

After the durational travel yesterday we decided to rest a bit this morning, get some lunch and coffee in the sun (don’t be jealous she disappeared this afternoon to leave us with the more familiar rain), before we drove to the -almost out of use- railway station of Banska. We were warmly welcomed by Zuzana who hosts us the upcoming two weeks being ‘artists in residence’ (as sexy as it sounds (?!)). Zuzana and her husband are running an ‘arthouse’ this old railway staiton. A variety of workshops and presentations in all art forms happen here. And now they’re hosting, besides a workshop of alternative printing, a rock band as well. When walking around this place, a beautiful mix between old fashioned balkan-style concrete buildings, closed factories and the beauty of nature in this area is immediately inspiring. After shouting out fantasies about all the videoclips we want to make here we sat down for the real planning. And yes making a videoclip here became one of them. the upcoming 14 days we are going to rehearse on our setlist. Everyday in another part of this place (hopefully a lot outside) and focussing on the performance part of the gigs we’re going to play. The aim is to write 2,5 more songs. Besides that we are preparing the second part of this trip: ARTCORE in Kosovo. Creating musical performances/ acts for public spaces, figuring out ways to play an alternative (maybe even danceble) parade. The nice thing about this place is that sometimes a train appears (Banska is a last stop) and in our vision that creates an audience. Our rehearsals and try-outs will be all out in the open, but save enough due to the anonymity of this location… still exciting to actually start doing it tomorrow. For the rest: making BIG plans for the future and enjoy being here!

keeping you posted with ARTCORE love